Official Map Thread August 2021 - Kazanskan Ballet Edition

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Official Map Thread August 2021 - Kazanskan Ballet Edition

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A much deserved new map thread with an updated map. There has not been a purge of inactive nations yet, but we will do that with the next update, so you all still have some time to consider.


Link to map:
Link to empty map:

Rules for applications and placement on the map:

1. You are free to choose whatever unclaimed lands you want for your nation.

2. Please keep it within the realm of realism. The homeland of an Indian themed nation should not go next to a French one. A country whose climate is based on Canada should not be at the equator.

3. First come, first serve. Nations already on the map have no obligation to give up spots to new players. We encourage coordination and compromise when making mapspot applications, however.

4. Only active nations get placed on the map and inactive ones will be removed at the discretion of the mapmaking team. We will give fair warning to nations we consider inactive.

5. You can absolutely claim vassals, colonies, protectorates or puppet states. Please note that they need to be actively RPed, not just your main nation, to stay on the map.

6. The thick red line is the equator. The thin red lines are the tropics of cancer and capricorn, respectively. The blue lines are the arctic circles. Each gray square represents 15° of latitude/longitude.
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