Debate: Status of Loago

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Debate: Status of Loago

Post by Sakastan »

"Esteemed Representatives,

The Pashalik of Loago has been for many decades an associated state of the Marinid Kingdom of Qedar, being kept in a semi-colonial state by the authorities in Ma'rib, which haven't even tried to aid the locals in developing the necessary institutions to build a functional state, but rather keeping the obsolete functions of feudalism alive, up until the 1960s, which is shameful to see for us all.

Today, with the Marinid Kingdom replaced by the aggressive and imperialistic Sabaic Republic, the Pashalik is like an orphan son, abandoned by an abusive father, which has fallen into the hands of a bully ready to abuse it, until it kills it. The Miners' Crisis is Loago shows us all how weak the state the Marinids have fostered really is. In the northern mountains of the nation, miners, mainly Sabaics, are rising, filled with the revolutionary zeal of their northern neighbours. The government of the Pashalik is unable to quell the revolt, and the negotiations have died down as the miners, agitated by the rhetoric of the Sabaic Republic of Qedar, wish to see Loago proclaimed a Tajdidist republic like Qedar, Ha'il, Adrar and Kilwa.

It is our belief that this is nothing but a veiled attempt at imperialism and that Tajdidism has nothing to do with the wellbeing of the aforementioned miners in particular, or the Loagan people in general. We see in this crisis nothing but an attempt of Ma'rib to reinstate their authority over the nation of Loago, which we consider to be a part of the domino effect that started with the rise of Tajdidism in Qedar and will soon bring Loago, Orashi, Josepania, Al-Marghab and even Lounamaa onto their fold.

We believe that it is the duty of the Assembly of Nations to push for stability into Cyrenaica and to aid struggling nations. For that, the Assembly needs to aid Loago in asserting their own sovereignty and to develop lasting state institutions that will create a stable national tradition, so as to have the state of Loago to be much more concentrated on the needs of its people, rather than be a sure victim of warlordism, as that will only bring famine and a refugee crisis that will further the issues of Cyrenaica, which are already problematic for many of the nations around it.

For that, we propose the following:

An Assembly of Nations Transitional Authority will be set up to aid the creation of modern state institutions in Loago, so the nation can move past its current colonial status, without falling to Tajdidism.

The members of the Assembly of nations will provide Loago with state clerks to aid in creating a bureaucracy necessary for the safe functioning of the state.

The members of the Assembly of Nations will provide will a truly trans-national army that will act as the defence and policing force of Loago, to defending from the menaces from up north and to provide civic safety for the citizens.

The Assembly of Nations will provide with a delegation to begin negotiations between the miners and the Sabaics up north and the government of Loago, so that violence is avoided and the territorial integrity of Loago is safeguarded.

The Assembly of Nations will provide Loago will a clear roadmap towards the creation of a functional state whose system of government, be it constitutional monarchy or a republic will be chosen by the people of Loago through a plebiscite.

The Assembly of Nations will safeguard the transparency and democratic process of the establishment of the free, independent and sovereign state of Loago.

The Assembly of Nations will put pressure on hostile states and non-state actors to stop their malignant actions against the process of self-determination of the Loagan people."

Andrus Kuusk, Virunian representative at the AoN
ایالت متعالی ساکستان
Dowlat-e Âliyye-ye Sākstān
Sublime State of Sakastan
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Re: Debate: Status of Loago

Post by Trans-Kazanska »

The Federation of Trans-Kazanska will always stand with those nations striving to become free and prosperous. The Federation is prepared to stand alongside our brother nations in the Assembly of Nations to help the people of the Pashalik of Loago to take their place among the free nations of this earth.

To this end the Federation of Trans-Kazanska fully supports this endeavor and I would call upon the freedom loving nations of the world to likewise back this proposal.

Alexei Suslov, Kazan representative to the Assembly of Nations.
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Re: Debate: Status of Loago

Post by eiffelland »

"Eiffelland also considers it important that Loago becomes a stable nation again, and is of the opinion that the proposal put forward by our esteemed Virunian colleague will serve this purpose. Therefore, Eiffelland agrees with this proposal, and will free up resources to carry this plan out, should the Assembly of Nations approve it."

Roland Hörschelmann, representant of Eiffelland at the AON
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Re: Debate: Status of Loago

Post by Qedar »

The Sabaic Republic of Qedar sees this as a form of imperialism pushed forward by colonial nations, such as Virumaa, which still keeps the territories of Meremaa and Lounamaa, Eiffelland with Al-Margab and Trans-Kazanska, which oppresses the arctic peoples and pushes Kazanskan supremacy.

We are against this proposal in which the AoN goes beyond its mandate of representing a forum where crises and issues are being discussed and now we offer it the authority to dismantle the sovereignty of entire countries. This is something that we are deeply against.

Loago has acted as a colonial territory of the Marinid Kingdom and is now dominated by the colonial, reactionary and feudalistic remnant of that colonial past. In such a case, we believe that the continuation of the existance of the Pashalik is a an affront to the people living in Loago and being oppressed by such archaic institutions. What we have seen in the past months in Loago is the rise of Loagan nationalism and the national rebirth of the peoples living there. Azanai or not, the Loagans are Sabaic by default as they share the same religion, cultural mores, language and aspirations as Qedari, Hassanyia in Orashi, Ha'ilites and Adrari. We simply cannot allow the breakup of the nation through racial lines, something that is inherently a part of the Hestian and colonial worldview, but not the Cyrenaican one.

Yes, we want to see Loago become a sovereign and emancipated nation state, but we will never want to see it under an illegitimate monarchy nor be propped up by imperialist nations.

Dan Ben-Dror, Qedari representative in the AoN
جمهورية سابيك من قيدار
Jumhuriat Al-Sabayyah Al-Qaydar
Sabaic Republic of Qedar
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Re: Debate: Status of Loago

Post by Socialist World Republic »

The recent geopolitical shifts in Cyrenaica have presented a number of challenges that will not be easy to address without compromise. It is the opinion of the World Republic that all powers involved in this matter will have to be willing to give up at least some of their often longheld positions and strong convictions to enable the inevitable restructuring of regional politics in order to secure lasting peace.

The collapse of the Qedari monarchy was, perhaps, long overdue. We have seen their lack of popular support and legitimacy in Kilwa and now in Qedar itself. Likewise, it is an open secret that the people of Loago have never been enthusiastic subjects of the state of Qedar. Culturally, geographically, racially and historically, Loago has always been closer to the people of Orashi than the Sabaic peoples of northern Cyrenaica.

And, perhaps, this is what the Tajdidists will have to give up: their faith in Loagans as just another Sabaic tribe. My government understands that this is a difficult thing to accept, particularily now, that Tajdidism has reached its historic peak, has levelled the old feudal structures of Cyrenaica once and for all, is sweeping the continent with the confidence and optimism of a victorious movement that has the march of history powering every one of its steps and sweeping it from victory to victory.

There is, after all, a reason why, when the people of Kilwa and Qedar rose up, the Loagans remained idle.

The Socialist World Republic thus believes that the proposed resolution provides an acceptable basic framework, but will require some adjustments. At times, the language of the proposal is needlessly antagonistic to the Tajdidist nations. My government believes it is time for the Assembly of Nations to leave this conflict in the past and accept the new realities, that the Tajdidist governments of Adrar, Ha'il, Kilwa and Qedar are legitimate actors that should be integrated into a diplomatic solution, not opposed by it.

We furthermore believe that, as a colonial possession directly subservient to the Qedari monarch, the state of Loago has de jure obtained its independence the moment the Qedari monarchy lost its power. Loago is an independent state that was tied to the person of the Malik, not the state of Qedar and its institutions. A feudal remnant that has met its deserved end and been consigned to history.

This, however, means that the AoN will have to negotiate with the current government of Loago and will be forced to acquiesce wherever it opposes the currently proposed resolution.

We do support any solution that emphasizes the democratic rights of the people of Loago to choose their own government and we believe that this should extend beyond a mere plebiscite into enabling Loago to hold a constitutional convention of elected representatives in order to adopt a new national framework to decide the future of Loago after its sudden separation from Qedari overlordship.

My esteemed colleagues in the Assembly of Nations should just feel themselves reminded that we can merely propose such a course of action to the government of Loago or we will require a robust mandate for intervention that may be difficult to achieve given the current geopolitical situation.
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