Welcome and Introductions

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Welcome and Introductions

Post by Qedar »


I was thinking we need a generalised welcome and introductions thread. I will start first. Many of you know me from and other forums as Ovi. I will do my best this time to limit changeritis (not promising anything) and try my luck with playing an Arabic Muslim Kingdom.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Post by Josepania »

Comrades, salutations! It's Jose from those-forums-which-shall-not-be-named. Currently planning on doing a slightly altered version of what I had going on before: the Knights of Saint Joseph, or "what if the Crusaders actually held onto the Holy Land, then mixed with the locals, then went Ecclesiastical Aristocratic Socialist?" More details to come as I nail down the specifics, but I'm hoping this'll work out.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Post by eiffelland »

Hi all, well, the stem of stability, Eiffelland. As well as the world's medical center, the world's engineers and the world's chemists ;) I'm looking forward to RP here.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Post by Auroran Union »

Welcome, Ovi, Jose, Eiffeland.

You'll all know me from the previous forums as Warr or Warre, though this time I'm making my primary focus an habitable antartic nation called the Auroran Union as my focus. Hoping to have lots of fun RPing with you all and to see all the things y'all will write.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Post by Tiburania »

Hello folks,

Most (all?) of you probably know me as Demos or Pelasgia from NSE. Glad to be back, glad to see what you'll all RP!
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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Post by Westfalen »

Good to see you! I look forward to seeing what Caria is all about.
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