Guarded Domains of Khorasmia

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Guarded Domains of Khorasmia

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Доменҳои Mуҳофизатшудаи Xоразмия
Domenhoi Muhofizatşudai Xorazmija
Guarded Domains of Khorasmia
Flag of Khorasmia

Coat of Arms of Khorasmia

Official full name: Доменҳои Mуҳофизатшудаи Xоразмия; Domenhoi muhofizatşudai xorazmija
Simple name: Khorasmia;​
Motto: "Замини шуҷоъ ва шуҷоъ" (The Brave and Noble Land);​
National Anthem: "Суруди Милли" (National Anthem);​

Capital City: Ruzvand;​
Largest City: Ruzvand (pop. 800,000);​
Official Language: Khorasmi;​
Population: 12.000.000;​
Demonym: Khorasmi;​
Religion: Zoroastrian 35%, Nestorian Christianity 30%, Manicheanism 20%, Orthodox Christianity 13%, Others 2%;​
GDP: $18 billion;​
GDP/capita: $1,500;​
Currency: Khorasmi Toman (Rial as subunit);​

Government: Constitutional Monarchy;​
Head of State: Khorasmshah Anoush X Garachai;​
Head of Government: Prime Minister Salar Kiazadeh;​
Main political movements: Country Party (pro-Saka); Constitutional Party (pro-Trans-Kazanskan); Kaveh Movement (nationalist)​

Legislature: Majlis (Unicameral parliament);
Regional Subdivisions: divided in 4 administrative regions corresponding to the major religions of the nation;

-Caught between the Lion and the Bear:
Khorasmia is an arid and mountainous nation that has been the main entry point of the Silk Road into Hestia. For much of its history, the Khorasmshahs have grown rich from defending the marchants and guarding the passages of the caravans, but with the rise of Sakastan in the south and Trans-Kazanska in the north, everything changed. The Shahs of Khorasmia need to play a very risky political game in balancing the interests of both Sakastan and Trans-Kazanska, while also not alienating their own subjects.
-Opportunistic Development: With both Trans-Kazanska and Sakastan trying to win the support and friendship of Khorasmia, the Khorasmshahs are doing their best to putting the bribes and aid funds coming from the Lion and the Bear to good use. Described as one of the world's last Enlightened Despots, Khorasmshah Anoush X has used many of the brides he received from Kazanskan Hetmans and Otamans into developing a modern road network in the country, while also using the bribes coming from the Saka to develop the nation's first modern and secular university and polytechnic. One can only wonder for how much can Khorasmia grow and develop only through this opportunism.
-Land of Refuge: While many would imagine that being so religiously diverse, there would be conflicts in the country, but the linguistic factor is seen by many as the most important element gluing up the people, and this ecumenism has become an element of national pride. For many on the outside though, Khorasmia is a surprise as it is a land where many go to disappear. Refugees are welcomed by the people and the Khorasmshahs, while exiles always find a safe haven in its arid mountains, plotting their return or hoping to not be discovered.

Economic Policy:
Generalised state capitalism and extensive governmental interventionism in the urban areas. Free Trade and a complete lack of state control in the rural areas.​
Voting Rights: Officially, the constitution promises universal and secret voting, but in practice, the monarch has a near absolute power.
Religious Freedom: Khorasmians adhere to one of the four main religions, Nestorian or Orthodox Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Manicheanism. Officially, the Khorasmshahs are Zoroastrians, but they always take non-Zoroastrian wives as queens, and in the country itself it is quite a tradition to take a partner from a different religious background.
Freedom of Speech: Quite restrictive. The press is strongly censored.
LGBT Policy: Same sex practices for men are to be fined with 1,500 tomans or even going as far as jailtime for 6 months, while women are not prosecuted.
Firearm Policy: Firearms can be acquired with no issue, although in the urban areas they are quite rare. For many families it is quite the norm to have a rifle as an heirloom.
Immigration Policy: Open doors;​

ایالت متعالی ساکستان
Dowlat-e Âliyye-ye Sākstān
Sublime State of Sakastan
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